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Our Story

 Atas Palate's Beginnings 

Atas Palate is founded by food connoisseur Peg's immense passion for delicacies- aspiring to share her choice of fine foods with everyone else.

"Atas" is a Malay word that describes high-class, sophistication and elegance, hence we believe we are in sync with our customers' exquisite taste in fine foods. We specialise in bring in the most quality ingredients and believe that all of you out there can be chefs of the highest calibre.

Starting off with our signature product, Foie Gras de Canard (Duck Liver) Authentic and freshly imported from France.
Almost by consensus the most superb and highest quality Foie Gras producer n the world. Carefully deveined, sliced and prepared.

Our ingredients are supplied to the fine-dining restaurants in Singapore, of excellent quality and superb taste.

Most of our foods are frozen, unless otherwise stated.

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