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Duck Confit | France (Ready-to-cook)

2 Methods: Bake or Pan-Fry

Our choice: BAKE IT!

Why?: Hassle-free & REALLY easy

You can even do it with a mini oven/toaster!!!

STEPS (Baking):

1. Defrost entirely, get ready your baking tray/ceramic plate.

2. NO oil, salt, marination required.

3. Throw in some potato slices at the bottom, rosemary (optional) and place your duck confit above.

4. We used 15 mins top heat and about 7minutes top & bottom heat.

5. Remove from Oven and you’re done!!

STEPS (Pan-Fry)

Not easy for amateur like us, due to the superb tenderness, the bone tends to fall off easily when you flip it!

- Refer to for professional guidance on pan-frying.

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