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Gourmet Meal Recipe - Foie Gras Under 5 minutes!

We are honoured to be the first few in the market to offer our curated selection of highest quality ingredients to our customers for a home cooked fine dining experience in Singapore.

Authentic and top quality Foie Gras de Canard imported directly from France, our customers in Singapore have collectively purchased more than 2000 packs in less than 1 month. This delish french luxury on a plate is also instagram-approved by influencers and socialites in Singapore such as Jamie Chua, Willabelle Ong, Michelle Chong, Trumpster D!

Simplest Foie Gras Recipe for Beginners:

1. Defrost 30minutes or longer

2. Sprinkle some salt, pepper is optional!

3. Heat up the Pan with small fire (Turn it off when necessary)

4. Sear each side for 20s first

5. Then toss around until all sides are cooked to your preferred doneness. (Estimate about 4mins to 5mins)

6. Sauce is optional! Fruit Jam will be the easiest 'sauce' to go with

If you're already an expert at cooking, we encouraged you to research on more recipes and cooking videos on Foie Gras on other sites. Above are a simple steps for beginners, even easier than cooking a sunny-side up!

If you love Foie Gras, you'll never regret buying from us!

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